Monday, September 10, 2012

A New Semester!

This semester is sure to go by fairly quickly. Over the next six weeks, I will be easing into my last required course- Historical Archaeology. The class is taught by Dr. Rich Veit and is sure to be both educational and entertaining! We will be covering a lot of different topics. I'm excited because two of the books are connected to Virginia, my home state. Go Virginia! We are reading the following:

  • In Small Things Forgotten, by James Deetz
  • A Guide to Colonial Artifacts of America and Martin's Hundred, by Ivor Noel Hume (There should be a symbol above that "O" but I can't find it in blogger... Thank you blogspot. Fail.)
  • Everyday Architecture of the Mid-Atlantic, Looking at Buildings and Landscapes, by Gabrielle M. Lanier and Bernard L. Herman.
  • "I, too, am America" Archaeological Studies of African-American Life, edited by Theresa A. Singleton
  • Archaeological Perspectives on the Battle of Little Bighorn, by Douglas D. Scott, et al.
  • Digging New Jersey's Past, by Richard Veit
  • Laboring in the Fields of the Lord, Spanish Missions and Southeastern Indians, by Jerald T. Milanich
  • The Archaeology of American Capitalism, by Christopher N. Matthews
We have several other articles that will supplement the course as well. I'm looking forward to the reading list- I've only read two of the titles on this list prior to the class.

For my second class, I will be completing an internship with a local CRM firm. (Local as in, the firm is in New Jersey. I actually have to drive about a hour away to get there but that's alright.)

In addition to class, I will be preparing my prospectus presentation. I'm currently scheduled to present my prospectus in October. The date is still TBA.

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