Thursday, October 18, 2012

Richard Grubb & Associates Internship

For my second "class" this semester, I will be completing an Internship with Richard Grubb & Associates. This CRM firm is located in Cranburry, New Jersey. I will work eight hours a week with the firm throughout the duration of the semester. While participating in the internship, I will accomplish the following tasks: pedestrian survey, data entry, conduct deed research, assist with PhaseI excavations and I will shadow a PI during a monitoring project. I'm looking forward to the experience!  I have a final project, which is to write up a Phase I report.  Not to worry, I won't be digging.  Instead, I will conduct all of the historical research pertaining to the house I'm living in right now.  I'll have to collect maps associated with the property and chase the deeds as far back as I can go. In addition to completing my internship, I recently started working two part-time positions.  The first is with a local pottery studio, just a little job to make some cash. The second job is with Monmouth University.  I will be working under the supervision of Dr. Rich Veit and I will be cataloging artifacts excavated from a prehistoric site in New Jersey.  The collection was excavated in the 1970's from Turkey Swamp State Park and it appears that a catalog was made at one time.  Unfortunately the artifacts and documents fell to the wayside, I'm not sure of the circumstances.  The park has requested that the artifacts be returned.  Before they leave, I have to catalog the artifacts.  They've already been washed, sorted and labeled.  Most of the artifacts have a detailed artifact tag with them, which should make the cataloging process a little easier.   I'm excited to  work with so many prehistoric artifacts!  New Jersey has many different lithic materials compared to my part of Virginia, so this will be a great learning experience. Can't wait!

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