Thursday, March 20, 2014

MAAC 2014

I was really excited that MAAC was only 20 minutes from my house this year. There were several well done papers, including a paper that focused on geochemical analysis on archaeological sites. I didn't buy any books this year because Mike Madden the book salesman was not there. I usually bring home several bags from his table alone, I can't help myself. As always, it was great to recharge my academic and professional thinking with great papers, great conversation and great after-dinner drinks. I had a lovely time. MAAC is a very student friendly conference and we had a great student turn out. It was wonderful to meet some of the new graduate students attending Monmouth and to learn of their experiences in the program. I had never heard about conferences as an Undergraduate, that is probably my only negative critique I can provide about my Undergraduate experience. UVA was a much larger school though and I had a very large anthropology program. It is possible that I would have learned of conference opportunities if I had reached out to an adviser. But, as a student, if you don't know something is available to you then you don't always know to ask about it. I'm glad there are a few undergrads that can start networking early, it's so important these days. They seemed to be having a good time too.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hazzmat Certified

I completed my 40 hour hazzwopper certification course. This means I can work on hazmat archaeological projects. Thankfully, our level of hazmat will be lower level D which has the least amount of risk. I got to wear the tyvek suit at the end of class with the respirator mask. I looked a little bit like an alien, or like I just walked off the set of ET. It's been a snowy week, I'm happy the class is over with so I don't have to drive on the ice any more.