Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nevis Heritage Project

I recently returned from my field school abroad in Nevis. Nevis is an island located in the West Indies and is commonly referred to as the "Queen of the Caribbean." The people are wonderful and the island is beautiful. I spent four weeks working with Monmouth University students and faculty on the Saddle Hill Fortress.  This fortress was constructed in the early eighteenth century and was reportedly never put into operation. Each morning the crew hiked from the guest house to the site, approximately a thirty minute hike- uphill. We excavated a few test units and shovel test pits. Our crew cleared much of the fortress of overgrowth so that a total station could be used to take measurements of the fortress. We spent a day assisting the Horatio Nelson Museum by creating an inventory of the contents in their storage container. This container houses artifacts that have been collected from previous excavations (led by other institutions).  This was a dynamic project and I was happy to have been apart of it.

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