Saturday, June 1, 2013

ASNJ Presentation

Recently, I was delighted to present a crunched down version of my thesis to the Archaeological Society of New Jersey. I've recently joined the organization and I will be taking over the management of their website. I have quite a few goals in the upcoming year, such as figuring out how to synch our website with Facebook so that every time we update the page- a notice is dropped onto our facebook account for our viewers. I'd like to increase our hits and expand our member base.

I was invited to present on my topic at the last minute, one of the pre-scheduled speakers could not attend. My talk was from 2PM to 2:30PM. I gave a bit of an overview about my project, introduced my typology and provided a few closing conclusions. The presentation was well received and I was very pleased to have such positive feedback. It's good to know that there is an interest in equine archaeology. As an equestrian and archaeologist, I believe I bring a few different perspectives to the table on this subject matter. I would like to expand my interests to include all of equine archaeology in the Mid Atlantic. I want to look at more hardware types, read up on any potential horse burials and research early veterinary practices. I believe there would be a lot of interest in this subject matter. For now, I will take some time off to relax and reflect on my work. I will admit that I'm just a little burned out from the thesis writing process.

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