Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Middle Atlantic Archaeology Conference 2012

I have recently returned from the MAAC.  This year the conference was held in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  I presented a paper entittled: "For Want of a Bit, the Bridle was Lost: Horse Bit Typology Across Historic Landscapes."  Sadly, I did not win the student competition.  The conference was not without success-  several individuals approached me after my session, telling me that they felt I had given both a strong and informative paper.  This paper demonstrated the preliminary stages of my thesis project, which is to develop a dating strategy for archaeologists via historic horse bit.

I am currently on the hunt for horse bits from a variety of archaeological collections in the Mid-Atlantic region.  If you happen to know of any with tight contexts, please contact me! 

I would also like to thank Mike Madden, the salesman who provided the students of Monmouth University with spectacular book deals over the weekend to supply our Archaeology Lab Library with some rich research texts!  

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